Glossary For Automation

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Central Processor - In a Home Automation application, a Central Processor is essentially the brain of the entire automation system. It receives, interprets, calculates, routes, and sends signals to all or nearly all the components in the automation system. The graphic below illustrates the communication path with a Central Processor based home automation system.

Control Communication Backbone (CCB) - Control Communication Backbone refers to the primary way a home automation system communicates between the components in its system. Nearly all home automation systems use multiple types of communication methods, however each have a preferred way to move communications around the home, this is its Control Communication Backbone. Below are the major CCBs in the industry with a graphical representation of each.

-Wireless Mesh Network
-Powerline Carrier

Control Devices -The devices used to command home automaton systems. The most common types of control devices offered in the market are hard button remotes, touch screen & hybrid remotes, In wall keypads, Wall mounted touch screens, Mobile devices like web tablets or smart phones, Desktop or laptop computers.

Controllable Systems - Refers to the system groups that can be controlled through a home automation system. These may include lighting, music, video, HVAC, shades, pool, Jacuzzi, irrigation, access, and surveillance systems.

Control Interface Processor - In a Home Automation application, a Control Interface Processor is control device that is also the processor or one of the processors in the home automation system, thereby eliminating the need for a central processor. The graphic below illustrates the communication path with a Control Interface Processor based home automation system.

Crestnet - The Cresnet® bus is the communications backbone for many Crestron touch panels, keypads, expansion modules, tuners, and more. Cresnet is a simple, yet flexible 4-wire network that provides bidirectional communication and 24V power for Cresnet devices.

Custom Graphics - In home automation Graphical User Interfaces can be completely customized (Custom Graphics) or predesigned by the automation system provider (Fixed Graphic). Below are examples of Custom Graphic GUIs provided by home automation integrators.

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