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Inverters have become one of the indispensible requisites not only for the industries but for residential purposes as well. The decreasing prices of home inverters in India have made it accessible even for the middle classes. They are also easily available with the inverter sales increasing day by day. There are also inverter service centers where you can approach in case of failures.

But before you buy home inverters you need to learn a few safety tips about inverter installation. Here are a few of them.

* Power inverter installation at homes is quite easy as they are of smaller rating and does not require much wiring.
* Choose the right location for your power inverter. Clean the area and start the inverter installation.
* Charge the inverter battery before the inverter installation.
* Find the terminals of the home inverter power source.
* Mount the home inverter in a place that has enough air circulation and make sure that the inverter battery is switched off before installing.
* Get the red wire which is the live wire and connect it to the positive input terminal of the home inverter. The other end of the live wire is to be connected to the power source’s positive terminal.
* The next part of the wiring includes the setting of the neutral wire which is usually in black. Connect both ends of the neutral wire to negative terminals of the power inverter and power source.
* The wiring of your home inverter is now done. You now need to test the wiring of the power inverter by switching it on.
It is important to keep a check over the home inverter every now and then to ensure safety. If you are not sure of the inverter installation procedure, it is better to approach your electrician. This is the best safety measure you can take!

Do Your Part Be Security Smart .! ?