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Automatic Ligths

Security lights get switched on whenever it detects an intruder within its field of view. Such systems may be based on PIR or Photosensitive sensors. A PIR may be connected to normal lights to make security lights (requires technical knowledge). Security lights are very useful to scare the intruders especially if these lights are employed in the compound or on the roof tops. When the lights are switched ON, the intruder feels that he has been detected and the owner is trying to confirm this. Normally this will deter the intruder for making any further attempt.

For safety and security of homes and offices specially when there is no one in the house automatic/timer based lights are very helpful. Such lights are automatically switched on after a predefined time. Normally, it is feasible to program these lights to switch ON or OFF at any particular time. However, if the house is going to be alone for a long time then a thief can see that the lights are switched on or off at the time same time every day (provided he is keeping a vigil over days). This may arise his suspicion and such a light may not be useful in such situations.

Don’t worry about lighting, PIR sensors can automatically switch lights on and can greatly enhance both safety and comfort to a home. PIR lights and automatic light switches form an integral part of safety and security around your home. They offer support for family members who tend to rise from bed at night and illuminate windowless areas eg. cellar, shed or garage. Also, a PIR light does not need to be turned off, it emits a soft, warm light only until you have returned to bed or left the room.

A PIR light is usually simple to install, particularly the night lights which just plug straight into a wall socket. PIR lighting is the perfect way to ensure safe movement around the home at all times of day. PIR lighting uses passive infrared motion sensors to detect heat and movement within a given range. These sensors trigger the activation of a built in light.

PIR lights can also help with safety outside properties to reduce falls at night or be useful for guests coming to your property in the dark. Most PIR lights are fitted with an adjustable timer which extinguishes the light after the preferred length of time.

Automatic light switches offer another kind of home safety, they provide guaranteed illumination in an area for a set time, or, if installed with an automatic light sensor, it means the light will switch on once natural daylight fades. Relatives and carers know that certain areas will be well lit until the person they care for retires to bed. By fitting a table lamp in your living room with an automatic light switch, you create the illusion that you are still at home, even when you are not. Automatic lights are ideal for those who often work away from home or travel frequently to a second property, reducing reliance on family or neighbours to manage your empty house.
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