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Security is a bussiness requirement, which can have a technical expression.

Solar Panel System

Depending upon your needs and where you live, there are a variety of solar power systems that could work for you.

Most people install grid-tied solar power systems -most often in cities, suburbs and industrial areas where access to utility-generated power is available. You can supplement your solar powered electricity with utility-generated energy if you use more electricity than the solar power system supplies.

When your solar power system produces more electricity you need, you can sell the excess to the PG&E, who delivers the clean, renewable energy to other customers. Consequently, the good you do for the environment doesn't stop at your home or office. Even neighbors without solar power can draw upon the renewable energy of the sun - while you bank credit to offset the utility-generated power you use at night.

The first commercial use of photovoltaic cells nearly 50 years ago was powering communications satellites in near-earth orbit. Today, the declining cost and increasing efficiency of solar energy technology has given rise to practical applications on earth - from powering personal electronic devices, homes and factories to generating utility-scale power.

Solar energy provides a huge advantage for satellites because they can be launched into orbit without the added weight of a fuel supply. But the advantages on earth are even greater: Solar-generated energy provides abundant and pollution-free energy that's not dependent on fuel-delivery infrastructures, foreign relations or the price machinations of energy brokers and big business.

Moreover, solar power generation provides energy when and where you need it, and is highly scalable to match your electrical demand. Since solar energy cells have no moving parts, they are reliable and easy to maintain.

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