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Security is a bussiness requirement, which can have a technical expression.

Access Control System

Access control is the ability to permit or deny the use of a particular resource by a particular entity. Access control mechanisms can be used in managing physical resources. Using this system you can calculate your employees Time and Attendance it was generally used for this application.

Proximity Access Control System - The core of Proximity system is the Proximity Reader and Proximity Card. Standalone Proximity Reader and Controller based reader is available like two door controllers and four door controllers. The System Works with Proximity, Mifare, and HID.

Biometric Access Control System - In recent times, there are large number of Biometric Systems that are commercially available. Such Biometric systems are based on unique characteristics of human being. The most common, reliable and successful system is the one based on Finger Prints. Users are supposed to put their thumb/index finger (or any specified finger) in the finger reader. The system then compares the finger print that is read with that in the central database for authentication. Biometric System also available with Standalone and Controller based.

You want to install a Access Control Syetms?

Installation consists of

* Proximity or Biometric Controller
* Power Supply
* Card based on No of User
* EM Lock
* Exit Switch or Reader
* Software For taking report forAccess and Time and Attendance
* Cat5 Wire from reader to Lan Connectivity Switcher

Installation Charge Our Surveyors need to visit your property only to assess the design of the Access Control System that will best fit your needs and give you a competitive quote - not to try and make a sale there and then. We work hard to maintain our high reputation and this is evident by the fact that a lot of our sales come from other customers’ recommendations.

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Biometric attendance machine captures your unique biological/physical feature such as your hand or finger print, iris pattern and sometimes even your voice as a record for identity,...

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ESSL is well known as leading supplier of Biometric Fingerprint recognition products and solutions in India. ESSL-Enterprise Software Solutions Lab has its HQ in Bangalore.

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