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Intruder Alarm

Peace of mind, a safer property, protection of your valuables – there are a number of benefits to having a burglar alarm installed at your property in Maidenhead. No doubt you are well aware of these many advantages, but when you require an intruder alarm system for your home or commercial property, where can you find a company to supply and install your new system? Look no further than RK & Sons.

Choose from a wide variety of products to suit the size of your property, your budget and your preferred method of operation, and take advantage of the excellent customer service that the RK & Sons name has become synonymous with. With our help, you can secure your home or office in a few simple steps.

Alarms for All Properties: Whether you are a homeowner looking for the peace of mind that your property is secure, or you want to feel confident that your commercial premises are safe even when you are away, one of our alarms could effectively enhance security at your Maidenhead premises.In addition to supplying quality alarms, we can also link our burglar alarm systems to our dedicated monitoring centre to enable our expert team to take care of your property throughout the day and night.

House Alarms for a Safer Home: As well as protecting commercial premises with our intruder alarms, we can also install a system at your Maidenhead home to give you the peace of mind that the property you love is safe. Your precious mementoes and valuable belongings will be protected by our security alarms, helping you to feel confident that your property is secure. Get in touch now to discuss your requirements with our expert team.

Protection from intruders: Probably the most important benefit is that your home will be protected 24/7. While a regular house alarm might not chase off intruders, this system will certainly do. Burglars can easily realise which type of alarm you have, especially since some security companies post a sign stating that your property is protected by them. In case you are not at home, the company will still be notified, and they will call the police. Because of this, you will get the peace of mind your family, possessions and property are protected.

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